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Cultural Program

In 1976, the Shikoku Museum of Folk Houses (widely called "Shikoku-Mura") was set up at the foot of Mt.Yashima, Takamatsu City under Katolec's sponsorship. Over the 51,000m² area are scattered a number of private houses and landmarks gathered from all over Shikoku. The village attracts many people as a community space to convey to them the nostalgic lives of ancient villagers. The village also has an art gallery that displays a wide variety of art collections.
Storehouse of cultural assets reminiscent of ancient Shikoku
Over a gentle slope of Mt.Yashima, known for fierce battles in ancient days between the Heike and Genji clans, lies scattered 33 olden houses and buildings that have been relocated from many parts of Shikoku Island. Eight of them are important national cultural properties and nine important prefectural or municipal assets. They include a kabuki theater brought from Shodoshima Island, a farm house, a sugar making cottage, and a mulberry fermentation hut. Of the folk instruments on display in the village, 6,514 were designated recently as national folklore cultural assets. These objects help acquaint visitors with the lifestyle of common people in earlier years. Winning a number of awards, including Architectural Institute of Japan Award in 1988 and Mecenat Regional Award in 1994, Shikoku-Mura has enjoyed a very high appraisal. The Katolec group has been extending full support for management of the village.
Gallery showing art works collected from all over the world
Shikoku-Mura attracts us not only for its environment and buildings reminiscent of the good old days but also for Shikokumura Gallery located in the village. The gallery, designed by renowned architect Tadao Ando, displays art works collected from all over the world, such as Picassos and Renoirs, in addition to art objects from Japan, China, and Middle East. To the south of the gallery extends a beautiful garden surrounded by water and plants, making you forget the passage of time.

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