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In recent years, there have been two major moves in the electronic hardware market. One concerns outsourcing. Amid cutthroat competition, many leading manufacturers are concentrating their management resources on development, designing, and marketing, while outsourcing production on a larger scale. Such needs have led the way to appearance in the electronics industry of a new type of business-electronics manufacturing service (EMS). In the other move, a large number of makers are transferring production bases to foreign countries. Japanese manufacturers have shifted production to other Asian countries, including China.

Katolec embarked on the electronics business in 1980. Ever since we have accumulated considerable expertise in the business, mainly in the manufacture of printed boards. Our first overseas plant was set up in Indonesia, which was followed by other Asian countries, China, and North America. Katolec's domestic and overseas bases are responsible for full processes, ranging from designing and procurement to final assembly, making us a full-fledged EMS enterprise.

To achieve higher quality and cost savings under its "Quality First" principle, Katolec has so far obtained certifications for the automotive industry standard TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 for quality and environment systems, and many other qualifications.


1 Manufacture of products suitable for each of the nine overseas and two domestic production bases.
2 Advanced mounting technology
3 Component procurement bases (IPO) in Hong Kong and Japan to increase our procurement capability
4 High-mix low volume production, module products, FPC (flexible printed circuit board) mounting, etc.
5 Improved efficiency with introduction of K-PICS (proprietary production management system)
6 Integrated services, ranging from design to delivery
Audio-visual products VTR, video camera, TV monitor, plasma display, audio editing device (finished product), digital camera, car navigation backlight, car audio equipment
Home electric appliances Washing machine, massager, microwave oven, pump, dishwasher/dryer, electric bicycle
Office equipment Printer, fax, copier
IT and communication equipment Hard disk drive, cell phone (backlight, inverter)
Beauty equipment Iontophoretic applicator (finished product), skin moisture gauge (finished product)
Others Medical device, ETC (finished product), warm water wash toilet seat, exposure meter, SW power supply, automatic vending machine, amusement equipment
Mounting technology and facilities
Surface mount technology (SMT) is one for mounting electronic parts (mainly small chips) on electronic boards, such as printed circuit boards. Katolec's advanced surface mount technology helps manufacturers make thinner and smaller electronic products.

Our domestic and overseas plants are furnished with the most advanced machinery ranging from insert machines to SMT systems. Our automatic mounting system is also composed of soldering equipment, dispensers (bond applicators), screen printers, and testing machines. A clean room is available in mounting operations for dust-prone products and for epoxy resin coating that follows surface mounting by an epoxy resin injector.

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