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Katolec offers a variety of flexible logistics processing services and distribution processing services.

Steel frames (Pallet) are assembled for export of agricultural machinery. About 6,000 tons of steel frames are made annually through processes from design to welding. We once used to fabricate wood frames. Wood was replaced with steel to meet environmental needs from customers. In addition to domestic center, pallet manufacture is performed also at the Thailand center from December, 2011.
Automatic vending machines are under renewal after being used on streets. Their surfaces are smoothed and repainted, and the mechanical parts are repaired. The machines recover freshness. Thus, Katolec offer a complete line of district and processing services, including collection and relocation of goods.
Within the warehouse, optional apparatuses are installed before shipment to meet requirements from end users.
Products from a department store are being packaged. Full packaging, partial packaging, and labeling and tagging are among Katolec's processing services.
Katolec's processing services include assembly of aluminum sashes, sorting of products, labeling, attachment of price tags, assortment for gifts, and packaging of catalogs.

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