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System Development

  Katolec designs, develops, and manage systems indispensable for distribution control. Such systems, including inventory management systems and transportation management systems, help us offer wide-area information services connecting our business bases. Under these systems, we help customers build a district control system and coordinate with customers' proprietary systems. Thus, Katolec offers total solutions for distribution services.

Our information system is designed to reflect shipping data from customers in our management of transfer instructions, truck deployment orders, inventory control, and so forth. The system is capable of promptly providing customers with information on such matters as freights and the state of delivery. These data are delivered to customers by using such interfaces as EDI, customer terminals, and electronic mail to meet specific customer needs.
Main System
  Inventory control system, truck deployment system, transportation control system, cargo tracking system, service management system, etc.
Real-time Cargo Tracking System
  Katolec's delivery staff carry with them a terminal containing a barcode reader and a cell phone. Delivery information on such matters as the delivery status is sent to a system through this terminal. Customers can retrieve their delivery information on the Web at any time. Our system is highly appreciated by them.

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