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1877 Started marine transportation business.
1928 Changed the company name to Kato Kaiun. Set up the head office in Kobe. Started a marine transportation service between Osaka and Kagawa Prefecture.
1957 Changed the company name to Kato Kisen Co., Ltd.
Span off its cargo department to set up Kato Kaiun Co., Ltd.
1961 Started a leased cargo transport service between Osaka and Shikoku (establishment of Katolec).
1963 Started a door-to-door delivery service for major department stores.
1965 Established Fukuju Unyu Co., Ltd in Saijo, Ehime Prefecture.
Established Shikoku Precision Automotive Industry Co. (now Precision Automotive Services Co., Ltd.) to start the auto repair business.
Opened the Tokyo Office.
1967 Span of the land transportation department from Kato Kisen Co., Ltd. to establish Kato Rikuun Co., Ltd.
1976 Established Shikoku Museum of Folk Houses (widely called "Shikoku-Mura") to return the company's fruits to society.
1980 Started assembly and manufacture of electronic components (start of the electronics business).
1982 Started a fine art transportation service. Introduced a large computer system into the door-to-door segment for an integrated service ranging from storage to display of art works. Set up a distribution control system based on online networks connected to customers.
1988 Received an Architectural Institute of Japan Award for the Shikoku Museum of Folk Houses. Put on display 17 houses as important cultural assets.
1992 Changed the company name to Katolec Corporation. Changed the company name from Fukuju Unyu Co., Ltd to Katolec West Corporation.
1993 Completed an office building for the Tokyo Head Office. Set up a fine art warehouse within the building.
Established P.T. Katolec Indonesia as the first overseas plant.
1994 Received a Mecenat Regional Award for the Shikoku Museum of Folk Houses.
1996 Established Katolec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Established Katolec Philippines Corporation.
1997 Opened Materials Center to reinforce the domestic procurement of components.
1999 Opened the Takamatsu new plant.
2002 Established Katolec (HK) Co., Ltd. to procure components in overseas markets in China and other countries.
Opened EMS Promotion Center (to succeed Materials Center).
Started operations at the Shenzen plant in China.
2003 Relocated the head Office to Koto Ward, Tokyo.
Established Katolec Suzhou Co., Ltd.
2005 Established Katolec Vietnam Corporation.
2006 Established Katolec Czech s.r.o..
2007 Opened the Fine Art Transportation Osaka Office.
2008 Joined NPS Seminar as a Full Member.
2009 Opened the Chubu Office & Warehouse for Logistics.
2011 Established KATOLEC ENGINEERING (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2013 Opened the logistics division in Katolec (HK) Co., Ltd.
2014 Established KATOLEC DE GUANAJUATO, S.A. DE C.V.
2016 Acquired all shares of COSMO Engineering.co.,Ltd. (FA engineering and system provider)
2017 Established Minda Katolec Electronics Services Private Ltd.in India. (EMS Plant)

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