March 16, 2020

Completed Construction of new distribution center in Vietnam

Our company completed construction a new distribution center in Vietnam.

We established KATOLEC GLOBAL LOGISTICS VIETNAM CO., LTD. in January 2019 to expand our overseas logistics business. Construction of a logistics center started in July 2019 and has been completed.
The distribution center has a warehouse for storing dangerous goods in compliance with the laws of Vietnam, Japan and both countries. We plan to support customers as a center that provides integrated services such as entry / exit, storage, distribution processing, transportation and delivery.

This is the third location in the global logistics business after Thailand in 2011 and Hong Kong in 2013. We will enhance our logistics services through our four bases and their networks, including in Japan, to support our customers’ business strategies.

Responding to diverse logistics needs

Dong Nam II Industrial Park in Hà Nam Province is one of the government-approved industrial parks exclusively for Japanese-affiliated companies with a convenient location that leads to the northern arterial roads. Currently, there are many supporting industries that manufacture various parts and materials, and the needs of distribution centers (DC) are increasing. There is also a growing demand for dangerous goods warehouses that can safely store flammable liquids such as paints and raw materials. We respond to those needs with the same logistics quality as in Japan.

From Manufacturing to Logistics-Realizing Logitronics-

Since 2005, our company has been providing Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) to Japanese companies in the suburbs of Hanoi at our own factory in Quang Min Industrial Park, Hanoi. We mainly procure parts and assemble finished products, mainly for mounting printed circuit boards. The new logistics center is about an hour and a half drive away.
As a “Logitronics company” that fuses the electronics business and the logistics business, we provide total support for customers’ supply chains from manufacturing to logistics.

Outline of distribution center

Location Lot CN07, Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone, Dong Van Word, Duy Tien Town, Ha Nam Province, VIETNAM
Structure 1-story steel-framed building (semi-fireproof construction)
Site area 37,689m²
Floor area 11,772m²
• Office : 260m²
• Ordinary Warehouse : 10,257m²
• Dangerous object warehouse : 1,025m²
Purpose Ordinary warehouse/Dangerous object warehouse
Equipment Truck berth for Sea Container : 11

Contact info

■ Global logistics department, Logistics Business division, Tokyo Head office TEL:+81-35-683-7456
■ Katolec Global Logistics Vietnam Co.,Ltd. TEL:+84-22-6396-6355~7
■ Corporate Planning Division Ms. Yoshiko Yamane TEL:+81-35-683-7000


 Notice- Completed Construction of new distribution center in Vietnam