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Employment information

Employment information

We have expanded our corporate fields based on our planning and marketing capabilities. In addition to meeting the needs of our customers, we have made numerous added value proposals to gain customer satisfaction. Our electronics business has also developed from adding value to carrying things. What we expect is for you to be a positive-minded person who comes up with ingenious ideas and proposals while thinking for yourself. We are waiting for those with a desire to take on challenges in new fields.

New graduate employment

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If you would like to join our company in FY2020 (those expecting to graduate in March 2020), please make an entry from “LINE ENTRY” Please first make an application if you have any interest in our company. We look forward to meeting lots of people.

Career employment

We advertise for the mid-career recruitment of experienced people as the occasion calls.

Contact Information

[Head office]
2-8-7, Edagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0051, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5683-7000 Fax: +81-3-5683-7010
In charge: Ichikawa
[Takamatsu Head office]
5-5-1, Asahimachi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 760-0065, Japan
Tel: +81-87-822-7000 Fax: +81-87-822-9678
In charge: Tamai