Logistics Services

Logistics Services [Transportation, storage and processing]

Smooth delivery based on our manufacturing expertise

Optimizing distribution operations nationwide and worldwide to enhance business efficiency

We achieve optimal and smooth logistics by completely improving and optimizing logistics operations taking advantage of the management precision we have cultivated in our electronics business. We have 30 warehouses across Japan, more than 50 logistics bases and approximately 900(Group total) vehicles. We have built a logistics chain that can meet your needs with our extensive expertise in maintaining chilled and frozen controls and in safely transporting precision equipment and precious art works.

Logitronics is effectively utilized in Katolec’s total logistics service.One-stop solution, from storage to transportation and distribution.

Transportation and delivery bases & warehouse storage bases

Transportation and delivery bases & warehouse storage bases

Supporting global logistics [Overseas logistics bases]

Our Japanese and overseas bases cooperate to provide integrated international logistics services – from your procurement to import/export, storage and delivery. For example, we offer buyers consolidation that consolidates products procured from multiple buyers into one before exporting to Japan and overseas. We provide support in a wide range of fields. For example, we offer services to perform part of manufacturing processes or distribution processing (e.g. labeling) and we design, manufacture and supply steel pallets for large machines even at our overseas bases.