Logistics processing and customs clearance

Logistics processing and customs clearance

We provide various distribution processing and related services to flexibly support your various needs

Steel frame building for packing for export

Steel frames for packing (pallets) are assembled for export of agricultural machinery. About 6,000 tons of steel frames are made annual through processes from design to welding. We once used to fabricate wood frames. Wood was replaced with steel to meet environment needs from customers. In addition to Japan, pallet manufacture is performed also at the Thailand center from December 2011.. 

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Food product distribution processing work

We undertake the packing processing work of major food product manufacturers. We setup and pack products that have been inspected in a special line under thorough hygiene control into decorative cases and then mark them with their expiration dates. We put the finished products in exterior boxes and ship them nationwide from this center. We offer food safety and peace of mind with strict center management and operation.


Installation of optional apparatuses

Within our warehouse, optional apparatuses are installed before shipment to meet requirements from end users.


Packing and shipping of goods

Products from a department store are being packaged. Full packaging, simple packaging, and labeling and tagging are among Katolec’s processing services. Katolec's processing services include assembly of aluminum sashes, sorting of products, labeling, attachment of price tags, assortment for gifts, and packaging of catalogs.


Customs clearance

Katolec takes care of custom clearance and other procedures for marine and air cargos. These services are made available through coordination with our overseas affiliates in addition to Japan. Cargos are delivered safely and swiftly to customers using optimal means of transport.


Custom clearance, export packing, container transport, marine insurance agency, marine and air transport arrangements, related documentation, etc.

Fine art import/export

We can provide a consistent service for damage insurance services and customs clearance in addition to packing, customs clearance declarations, loading, air transport, maritime transport, local operator arrangements and arrival confirmation, including the transport of art works to exhibitions held in Japan from overseas and transport of exhibits to art galleries overseas.