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The Katolec Corporation website (https:www.katolec.com) (hereinafter “the Site”) offers various information provision services (hereinafter “the Services”) concerning the activities of Katolec Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”). The Site is operated by the Company or those entrusted with the operation of the Site by the Company.

Please use the Site in accordance with the content of “Use of the Site” (hereinafter “the Agreement”) established by the Company. In addition, the Company shall deem that the content below has been accepted with use of the Services.

The Agreement is subject to change without prior notice as necessary. Therefore, the Company apologizes for the inconvenience, but please check the latest content on this page when using the Services.

Usage Precautions
  • A person using the Site (hereinafter “the User”) shall comply with all relevant laws and ordinances when using the Services.
  • The Company may add, change or delete the Agreement, site URL, contents and content of the Services without prior notice.
  • The Company may suspend the Services without prior notice to maintain the Site (including emergency maintenance).
Intellectual Property Rights
  • The intellectual property rights (referring to all trademark rights, copyright and other rights; hereinafter “Intellectual Property Rights”) concerning all contents, text, images, data, software, information and other materials (hereinafter “the Contents etc.”) displayed or acquirable on the Site shall belong to the Company or the provider that provided the Company with the Contents etc. and shall be protected by relevant Intellectual Property Rights laws.
  • The User may use the Site in accordance with the Agreement and relevant laws. In addition, the User may download and print the Contents etc.
  • The User may not reproduce, change, publish, transmit, distribute, transfer, loan, license, reproduce or reuse the Contents etc. and the content included in those (regardless of whether in part or full) beyond the scope explicitly permitted by personal use and other laws except when permission has been received in advance from the Company.
  • The rights concerning individual trademarks, logos and company names posted on the Site shall belong to the Company. Except when permitted by the Trademark Law and other laws, the use of these without the permission of the Company is prohibited by the Trademark Law, so please obtain permission in advance by contacting the Company (TEL: +813-583-7000).
  • The Company posts information on the Site paying attention to various factors. However, the Company offers no guarantee about the integrity, accuracy, usefulness or safety of this content.
  • The information posted on the Site is part of the information concerning the activities of the Company; it does not cover everything.
  • The Company shall accept no responsibility regardless of the outcome from a judgment or action made by the User based on the information posted on the Site.
  • All the information posted on the Site is only current as of the time it was posted. The names and content of all the information posted on the Site are subject to change and deletion without prior notice.
  • The Company shall not accept any responsibility toward the User even in the event the Company makes additions, changes or deletions to the content of the Services.
  • The Company does not provide any kind of guarantee about the reliable provision of the Services or access results.
  • The address of the Site, including that of the homepage, is subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Company shall accept no responsibility for defects concerning the display such as dead links due to the change/deletion of information posted on the Site and changes to the address of the Site, other impacts or damages to the User.
  • The Company shall accept no responsibility for damages to the User caused by the suspension of the Services from the Site because of maintenance to the Site or a force majeure due to a fire, power outage or other natural disaster, a virus or interference by a third party.
  • The Company offers no guarantee about the accuracy or lawfulness of information posted on a site linked to from the Site (hereinafter “a Linked Site”).
  • In the event a problem arises with the use of a Linked Site, the responsibility for that shall lie with the Linked Site, so the User should please deal with it on your own.
  • All complaints and claims caused by or related to the use of the Services by the User, connection to the Services, violations of the Agreement by the User or violations of the rights of third parties by the User shall be solved at the cost and responsibility of the User; the Company shall accept absolutely no responsibility for such complaints and claims. In addition, in the event the Company incurs expenses (including the payment of indemnities) in connection to handling such complaints and claims, the User shall bear such expenses.
The acts below are prohibited when using the Site.
  • Acts which infringe, or may infringe, upon the property or privacy or a third party or the Company
  • Acts which cause, or may cause, disadvantage or damage to a third party or the Company
  • Acts which transgress, or may transgress, public order and morals
  • Criminal acts and acts which lead, or may lead, to criminal acts
  • False declarations and notifications (e.g. registering the e-mail address of another person)
  • Business activities, money-making acts or acts in preparation for such
  • Acts which damage the honor or credibility of a third party or the Company
  • Acts which use or provide, or which may use or provide, harmful programs (e.g. computer viruses)
  • Acts which violate, or which may violate, laws, ordinances and regulations
  • Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Company
Handling of Personal Information
  • Personal information (e.g. names and e-mail addresses) acquired from the User when using the Services shall be handled in accordance with the separately established Privacy Policy.
System Requirements

System Requirements
It is possible to use the Site even more comfortably by using an OS and browser given below.

Recommended OS and Browser

  • Windows 7.0 or later and Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
  • Mac OS and Safari or Google Chrome
  • iOS (iPhone) iPhone 5 or later and Safari
  • Android Google Chrome

Please use the latest version of whichever browser you choose.

  • The User may have to further consent with other agreements in addition to the Agreement when using some of the Contents etc. on the site. An individual agreement shall take priority for a website with such an individual agreement established separately to the Agreement among the websites operated by the Company.
  • The Agreement shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of Japan. The User shall consent to submit to the exclusive and personal jurisdiction of courts in Japan.
  • In the event a dispute concerning the Site, the Services or the Agreement arises between the Company and the User, the Company and the User shall respond in good faith to resolve such a dispute to the satisfaction of both parties. In addition, the Company shall have no obligations concerning disputes between the User and others. Furthermore, in the event it is not possible to resolve a dispute with the aforementioned response and a judicial decision is sought, the Tokyo District Court of Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance. The legal procedures concerning such a dispute must be submitted within one year at the latest from when the cause of it arises.
  • The Site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL; a type of cryptographic communication technology) to ensure the safety of customers for the Services in which personal information is handled. The Company shall take the necessary measures (e.g. encryption) to protect the personal information of customers. However, please understand there is a danger of leakage due to the nature of communications.
  • The Company may change the Agreement at any time without prior notice. In the event the Company makes a change to the Agreement, the User shall be deemed to have consented to the changed agreement at the time when the User first uses the site after it has been presented on the site and the changes have been indicated.