Charter of Corporate Behavior

Our entire company is united in our commitment to fulfilling our responsibility as good corporate citizens in three aspects of "the environment, society, and corporate governance."

Charter of Corporate Behavior

Katolec CSR

CSR is the corporate social responsibility of a company.
A company is not only responsible for pursuing profits but also for its impact on society and responds to requests from stakeholders surrounding the company.
CSR means the concept that requires a positive response to those.
We comply with laws and regulations and contribute to "sustainability" in the environment (E), society (S), and corporate governance (G), and aim to realize a sustainable society through our business.

Environmental Policy

To contribute to realizing a sustainable society in which the environment and the economy are in harmony, we will strive to reduce our environmental impact through compliance with environmental laws and regulations, measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the effective use of resources.

We have acquired various certifications for green management

We have acquired the ISO14001 international standard in environmental management in various bases. We have also acquired the green management certification as part of our efforts to tackle global warming.

[Offices which have acquired certification]

Syutoken branch, Tsukuba Branch, Shimodate Office, Utsunomiya Branch, Saitama Office, Chubu Branch, Osaka Branch, Sakaide Branch, Toyohama Branch, Tokushima Branch, and West Toyo Office

[What is the green management certification system?]

This is a system in which the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation serves as the certification organization and certifies and registers operators tackling environmental conservation efforts above a certain level upon an inspection based on the green management promotion manual.


Quality Policy

We will continuously improve our business processes and systems to provide high-quality products and services that meet our customers' expectations.

Traffic safety efforts

We are also striving to improve safety and legal compliance.
Various bases are certified as excellent safety offices by the Japan Trucking Association.

[Offices which have acquired certification]

Sendai North office, Niigata Office, Toyama Office, Fine Art Transportation Branch, Syutoken branch (Chiba Office and Ichikawa Office), Tsukuba Branch, Shimotate Office, Utsunomiya Branch, Saitama Office, Shizuoka Office, Chubu Branch, Osaka Branch, Seishin Office, Ono Office, Okayama Branch, Tsuyama Office, Hiroshima Office, Takamatsu Branch, Sakaide Branch, Toyohama Branch, Matsuyama Branch, Kawauchi Office, Seiyo Office, Kochi Office, Tokushima Branch, Ishii Office and West Toyo Office

[What is the truck transportation business safety evaluation project?]

This is a system in which the Japan Trucking Association, a nationwide truck transportation optimization project implementation organization, evaluates and certifies the safety of operators.
The aim of this project is to make it simpler for corporate consigners and general consumers to choose truck transportation operators with a high level of safety and to raise awareness toward improving safety of all operators.

[We have acquired international standards for quality control]

We have acquired the ISO9001 and IATF16949 international standards in quality management in various bases.

Procurement Policy

1. Fair and equitable transactions 

We will provide fair opportunities to all companies, evaluate quality, delivery time and cost fairly, and conduct procurement activities based on mutual trust.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will respect international principles, comply with the laws and other social norms of the countries and regions where we operate and conduct legitimate transactions.

3. Environmental Protection

We will strive for green procurement activities that lead to environmental protection and reduction of environmental impact.

4. Promotion of CSR procurement

We will strive to promote CSR activities in cooperation with our business partners to realize a sustainable society.

BCP Policy

Following the following policies, the Katolec Group will strive to continue its business and ensure a stable supply of services even in the event of an emergency.

1. Respect for human life

The highest priority will be placed on securing the lives and safety of employees, their families, and related parties.

2. Fulfillment of social responsibility

Fulfillment of social responsibility through the continuation of the business that plays a role in social infrastructure by cooperating in securing safety and reconstruction of the surrounding areas.

3. Early recovery

We will aim to resume and normalize business activities as soon as possible through cooperation with the Group and other related companies.