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Okayama South Warehouse

It is possible to utilize a large logistics mechanism based on a giant storage warehouse. In addition, the branch possesses a fixed temperature warehouse (10° to 15°C).

Address 1075-1, Kuban, Higashi-ku, Okayamashi, Okayama, Japan 
Structure and size Five-story steel structure with steel plate roofing
Use General / Fixed temperature
Floor space 11,431m²
(Fixed temperature warehouse of that) 336m²
Floor height 6.5m (1F) 
6.5m (2F: Office)
6.5m (3F)
3.0m (4F) 
6.5m (5F) 
6.5m (Fixed temperature)
Fixed temperature warehouse Temperature 10℃~15℃
Temperature 40%
Cargo elevator 1(3.5 tons)
Vertical conveyors 2(1.0 tons)




Office: Okayama South Office, Katolec Corporation

TEL: +81-86-948-9333

FAX: +81-86-948-9337