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Toyo Warehouse

This warehouse is located almost in the center of the industrial area on the coast in the eastern part of Ehime Prefecture. It offers extremely good convenience of access because it is approximately 15 minutes to Saijo IC and approximately 10 minutes to Komatsu IC on the MATSUYAMA EXPRESSWAY. In addition, it is 1 km to the ferry service (Toyo Port to the Port of South Osaka) arrival and departure point (Toyo Port) to Kansai. The facility has a warehouse that can be used for many purposes as a normal temperature warehouse including a bonded terminal.

Appearance of Toyo Warehouse #1

Inside Toyo Warehouse #1

Warehouse #1 #2 #3 #4
Address 928-2, Imazaike, Saijyo-shi, Ehime, Japan 
Structure and size Steel frame with slating
Two stories (High floors)
Steel frame with slating
Single story
Steel frame with slating
Mezzanine floor structure
Steel frame with slating
Single-story (High floor)
Usage General倉庫
Floor space 3,960m² 4,950m² 3,960m² 1,320m²
Floor height 8.0m (1F)
3.5m (2F)
6.5m (1F) 3.5m (1F)
3.0m (2f)
5.5m (1F)
Floor load 3 tons/m²(1F)
1 tons/m²(2F)
3 tons/m²(1F) 3 tons/m²(1F)
0.5 tons/m²(2F)
3 tons/m²(1F)
Cargo elevator 1 (2.0 tons) None None None


Office: Toyo Office, Katolec Corporation

TEL: +81-898-65-6172

FAX: +81-898-65-4512